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Soapstone Care & Maintenance

No Sealers

Soapstone is the only natural non-porous stone and therefore does not require chemical sealers.  We do not recommend you apply sealers to soapstone or use stone cleaners that contain sealers.  Enjoy the natural beauty of soapstone!


Oiling Soapstone

Soapstone in its natural state is a blue grey in colour.  To accelerate the natural darkening process of soapstone, our food grade mineral oil or soapstone dry wax product can be applied periodically.  The oil/dry wax will darken the stone instantly.  Some customers prefer to leave the stone unoiled and let the stone darken naturally.  There is no requirement to oil Soapstone.

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Cleaning Soapstone

Soapstone is easy to care for.  Chemicals will not harm soapstone however some stronger cleaners can remove mineral oil causing you to apply oil more frequently.  We therefore recommend gentle soap and water such as Joy, Dove, Palmolive to clean your stone.  Stone cleaners are not required or recommended for soapstone.



If you choose a softer variety of soapstone, it will occasionally scratch.  A simple application of mineral oil will make scratches disappear.  Deeper scratches can be lightly sanded out. 


Soapstone is the no fuss countertop.  Unlike high gloss countertops, soapstone does not require polishing to look good.  Soapstone does not show smudges and fingerprints.  It does not require chemical sealers and will not stain.  Over time, your countertop will develop a beautiful patina.  Embrace the natural imperfections of soapstone as it only gets better with age!

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