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Soapstone Collection

Greensville Soapstone Company partners exclusively with M. Teixeira Soapstone in the USA.

We have access to the largest inventory and variety of soapstone in North America. 

Each image below shows you the unoiled and oiled slab of soapstone.


Dark gray soapstone before oil or wax treatment, once treated, the stone becomes very dark with very distinctive carbonate veining. A harder-than-average soapstone due to less talc contents.

Black Venata

From the Mariana soapstone region of Brazil, is a medium gray with light flowing veins. Once treated with mineral oil or wax, it darkens considerably, having a black background with some green swirls.

Ipanema Reserve

A light gray and fairly homogenous in color soapstone . Once treated with wax or oil, it becomes very dark with light flowing veins and a slight hint of green.

Santa Rita Venata

This stone has very nice “marble like”veining. After mineral oil treatment it turns into a very dark green color with pronounced white veining.


Represents “the classic soapstone”. Very traditional soapstone from the Baroque inspired Mariana region of Brazil. Beautiful light gray, turning black with occasional white veining after oil or wax treatment.

Church Hill

The classic “soapstone look”. This soapstone comes from the Alberene Quarry in Virginia. Plain charcoal gray before treatment and black with subtle white veining after mineral oil treatment.

Marine Black Noire

One of the darkest stones we carry, after mineral oil or wax treatment. Subtle white veining. Perfect choice if you are looking for a “quiet” stone that still has a lot of life!

Stormy Black

A very nice “ash gray” soapstone with distinctive veins before mineral oil treatment.Once mineral oil is applied, the gray darkens considerably enhancing the unique veins.


Harder than average soapstone, ash gray before mineral oil treatment, turning into a very deep dark gray after treatment.This soapstone goes very well with contemporary designs.


Heavily veined with a light gray background with pronounced white flowing veins. After mineral oil application, the beautiful veining becomes enhanced giving this soapstone a very exotic look.


 “Ash gray” soapstone with mild veining before mineral oil treatment and after treatment, the gray darkens considerably enhancing the unique veins.

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