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Soapstone Finishes


We take pride in our work and do not cut corners!  Average slabs are 114”x72” with smaller, larger sizes available.  We use the least amount of seams necessary to complete each project.  Where seams are required, our team will ensure they are virtually invisible!  


Edge Detail

Our architectural grade soapstone used for countertops is standard 3cm thickness and does not require further support on your cabinet.  A simple eased edge is our most common edge request however we offer a variety of options including custom mitred and chiseled edges. 



A soapstone waterfall drop creates a continuous flow from counter to floor adding a stunning visual impact. 



Soapstone backsplash, range splash, fireplace hearth and surrounds, sills can be custom thinned to ¾” thickness. 


Drain Boards and Runnels

Our carved runnels and drainboards will not only add the wow factor to your kitchen, they are extremely functional.   Drain runnels can be carved into the countertop or custom built into a soapstone sink.


Have an idea?  Talk to our team, we enjoy getting creative with soapstone!

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